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CALSUTMORAN: An experimental artist based in Rochester, New York that started out by incorporating Memphis rap into hard-hitting, complex production. Since then he has evolved, and now creates otherworldly music that sounds like it came from other life forms. Very hard to describe but I highly recommend giving him a listen and experiencing it yourself. (8-10-20)


hyperMP3: A seemingly brand new artist that recently released a great project via Adhesive Sounds on Bandcamp. With elements of the genre "broken transmission" and various samples strewn together and repeated throughout the project, 2000 is a very interesting listen and never allows you to be comfortable with what is playing. The cover itself is a great indicator for what this album consists of musically. (8-10-20)


LORETTA ABERDEEN: PHONE PHREAKER$ PHREAK BACK is the latest release from LORETTA ABERDEEN, also known as Bryant Canelo and LAMPGOD. This experimental hip hop album is especially unique in its complex and industrial production as well as Canelo's abstract rhymes and vocals that become earworms after every listen. It is available for purchase now digitally or on cassette, and in my opinion it is very much worth purchasing. (8-24-20)